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Homestead Services

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Our Homestead –
Where Knowledge Grows

In 2020, we took a step closer to our vision of a harmonious and healthy lifestyle. We purchased a piece of land, where our garden and home now stand proudly. This isn't just a homestead; it's a sanctuary where we cultivate our passion for homesteading skills. 
Our homestead isn't just about us; it's a vibrant hub for educational classes, engaging events, and community building. Through our diverse activities, we foster relationships and nurture a sense of belonging. Join us as we pave the way for a healthier and sustainable lifestyle.

Curious about what our homestead offers? Here's a glimpse:
- Raised Beds with Chopped Stone for weed control
- Heirloom Seeds
- Organic Gardening
- Edible Landscaping
- Irrigation
- Heirloom Livestock

Explore our regenerative practices and be a part of our commitment to a better tomorrow. Join us at Revival Enterprise Homestead today!

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