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Concrete is a standout choice for construction due to several key factors. Its extended lifespan, fire-retardant properties, and exceptional thermal performance make it one of the most energy-efficient materials available. Structures made of concrete enjoy a longer life span with minimal maintenance needs, reducing the frequency of new construction. 


When we think about landscaping, it's easy to forget about the importance of driveways and walkways. However, these elements actually play a vital role in shaping the overall outdoor aesthetics. If you have missing or cracked concrete, it can really take away from the charm of your space. That's where concrete steps in as a star performer – it's not just durable but also incredibly versatile, giving your outdoor areas a clean and consistent look.


Whether you need repairs for existing concrete or new installations altogether, you can count on Revival to be your trusted partner in this journey.


Our specialties include:


- Decorative concrete

- Stained concrete floors

- Colored concrete patio

- Concrete staining services

- Integral colored concrete

- Acid-stained concrete


For pool areas, we offer:

- Custom pool deck design

- Poolside decking installation

- Non-slip pool decking

- Stamped concrete pool decks

- Pavers for pool areas

- Composite decking around pools

Choose Revival for quality concrete solutions that not only endure over time but also enhance the style of your outdoor living spaces.


I have to say it again, Revival Concrete & Landscape is top notch. I called to get 2 tree stumps removed from my backyard. I got the quote and they were out promptly at 2:30 and done in 45 minutes. When Brander Gramajo texted to make sure everything was good, I said yes, I didn’t even hear any noise. Come to find out, his crew hand dug the two stumps out including the roots. IMPRESSED!!! You wont find a better company or family to do business with. Revival is where its at. Thanks again guys for another great service. This is why we keep coming back

Rick O

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